Vangbot V2 

This is a Computer with built in 3D Printer or 3D Printer with built in computer, depends how you see it :P
I started last year to build a 3D printer, but the worklog was never uploaded here, and now i started to build another.
Since i named the first printer VangBOT, this printer is named VangBOT V2. 
The reason i built this 3D printer is that i wanted to have a printer with built in computer so it would be easy for LAN-Parties,
just printer your 3D Printer and a screen and you are ready for gaming, printing and fun. Its also a space saver.
This project dont have any sponsors due to the some rules in a contest im entering. Please dont contact me for sponsors on this project.

- E3D Titan Aero Direct extruder
- 300x200x325 Build volume
- 300x200 Heatbed (with Filaprint surface)
- Raspberry PI 3 for remote prints
- Arduino Mega 2560 with Ramps 1.4
Built in computer: (perfect for LAN Parties, just bring a monitor and you are all set)
- Intel i5 2.8Ghz
- 256GB PCIe M.2 harddrive

Arduino Mega 2560 and Ramps 1.4 running Marlin 1.1.0 firmware

Nema 17 Stepper motors. one of the stepper motors was too big for the titan extruder, but its good to have one spare.
ordered a small pancake motor for the extruder.

All the parts for the frame

I started with printing the parts for the extruder. Printed in yellow PLA, and painted details in black with nailpolish
All the parts for the whole printer took about 12 days to print and was printed with 4 shells and 70-100% infill

Here is a picture from the Titan Aero assembled.

After that i printed all the parts for the electronic box where the powersupply, raspberry PI and the computer should be,
this is custom made in Autodesk 123D and then 3D Printed with VangBot V1.

This box is made of 2mm Aluminium and then covered in carbon foil. The sidewalls is printed in PLA with 70% innfill
I was so happy with the computer i used on the Bastion Casemod that i had to order a new one to use on this project also.

The Frame assembly
The frame was assembled in only 2 hours.All parts ordered from china/england/usa so it took some time for all the parts to arrive.

After this i mounted the heatbed. This is a 12v MK2A heatbed (300x200mm)

All the cables, and electronics took a little longer,used 2 days for this. was very happy how well the electronics enclusre turned out.
having a good wiring diagram helps alot.

still some work to be done here. but its now working. Using a Arduino Mega 2560 with Ramps 1.4 and Marlin firmware

Used printed cablechains on all movable parts for easy and nice installation.Used about 9 hours of printing to make all the chainparts.
Then i did a PID tuning for the bed and hotend and entered all the values in the firmware and made some tweaks here and there.
Also adjusted the current on all the stepper drivers to 0.55V.

Made a custom fangrill

Since everything turned out so nice so far i could not stop there. and i had to make a enclosure for the VangBOT v2.
So i made a enclosure from 2mm Aluminium and then covered it in carbon foil

Also made a cover from 4mm Plexiglass then covered some of it on carbon foil to make windows to see the motherboards,
The sad thing here is that the fan had to be mounted outside the box to make everything fit. but if i had made the box deeper it would hit the printbed.
Will try to find a slim fan so it can be mounted inside the box.

Also mounted the spoolholder inside the enclosure. but, have to figure out a better solution for this since the printbed goes down, and if i have to change 
filament in the middle of a print the bed covers the spool. I have some ideas in my head that a will try out soon.

More pictures will come soon when im done.
Here is a picture of the first test print.

The print turned out fine, but had some problems with the steppermotor on the extruder.
so i swapped that out to a 1.8deg stronger stepper. was a 0.9deg stepper. 

After i changed the stepper i found out my bearings in the extruder was the problem. both bearings in the extruder was jammed and cracked.

So i ordered some premium bearings from a local dealer and after that there was no problem at all extruding.
The plastic clips for the extruder cover was also hard to remove, so i used some hotglue to glue some magnets on the cover.
After this the front cover was easy to remove for swapping out filaments

i could not stop after the outside looks good, i also had to have the inside look like the outside.
Printed some endcaps for the 2040 profile.

Made a cover for the botton.

Covered all the walls in carbon foil. next thing to do is to paint all the screws black. my local vendor did not have black screws, so i have to paint them
to make things look a little nicer.

New fan mounted and the computer/printer is finally done :)
here are some pictures









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