After finishing my Bender project, I just had to do another Futurama casemod I thought about what to do for months and had several good ideas, but finally I fell for Leela.

About Leela

Age: 25 (at least according to her...)
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Captain of the Planet Express Ship at Planet Express Delivery Company.
Demeanor: Tough; Determined; No-nonsense; Thoughtful; Serious.
Eyes: One.
Family: Her parents, Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda.
Grew Up As: An orphan.
Former Jobs: Cryogenic Assignment Officer; Pizza Delivery Girl.
Former Boyfriends/Men: Sean, Alkazar, Chaz, Zapp Brannigan, Fry (during a time-skipping period).

About the casemod

• Made of an exhibition doll (with a new head, arms and legs)
• Web Camera in her eye
• VIA Mini-ITX motherboard inside
• LCD display on her arm.
• Thumbdrive in... her thumb

Mounting the hardware

After I got all the parts in the mail I ordered an exhibition doll, without head, arms and legs.

I had to find out how I could mount all the hardware. I decided to build a "Hardware box" out of sheet metal.

Next I cut a hole in the exhibition doll.

Into this I could just put in the "Hardware box"

Then a little hardware test. Everything fits perfectly.

Leela's head

What is Leela without her head? I started to build one...

The head is cut out of a big lump of pressurised foam

The head starts to look like Homer Simpson?

Testing the webcam.

Adding some skin to Leela's head.

Trying out her first purple wig. This did not fit at all, so I decided to make my own wig.

First I needed to cut some holes.

Leela's legs

And there we are.... Leela is sitting in my kitchen :)

The legs are not done yet, I will have to make them smoother. But I will do that later, when I start on the details.

Leela's eye
This part was very easy. It took me 5-10 minutes to make an eye.

Testing the eye.

Leela's hands and arms
Leela's arms are made of expanded polystyrene.
I hate expanded polystyrene. It gets too messy when cutting it!

Leela sitting in my livingroom. I think she wants some pizza leftovers.

Adding 'skin' to her hands.

Painting the arms.
Waiting for her arms and hands to dry.

I cut out a section of her arm for the LCD display.

..and another section for the cable. A bit like the Terminator.

All wires installed. Time to seal the gaps.

The LCD display installed into the arm.

I had a spare 256MB thumbdrive. So I put it in her thumb.

This was an easy process.

Leela now has a 256 MB thumbdrive in her thumb.

Adding the webcam and ears

The camera fits perfectly.
ou can almost see her smile :-)

The hair - second attempt
I decided to remake the hair, as the wig was not very good.

The hair construction took 1 hour. It took 2 hours to tidy up afterwards...

Leela's Legs
I strengthened Leela's legs with metal rods.

Now she can sit, stand and walk. Apart from walk.

Installing the hardware
The hardware installed in her back.

Booting up Leela for the first time.
I had a little accident with the fingers. But it's fixed now.

Leela and me at The Gathering 2006. I won a prize for my casemod there.

Taking Leela for a drive.


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