I love playing games from the 80's and 90's. So i wanted to build something like the Sega Gamegear i once had when i was a kid.So i started to search the web how to build my own and found lots of project with Raspberry Pi.

Found a Linux Distro called Retropie that had all the emulators included. Retropie is easy to setup and easy to use and you can hook it up to a PS3 controller and TV if you want. With this i can play Sega, NES, SNES, PSX, Amiga games etc

Parts used:

- Raspberri Pi 2 Model B
- LCD Screen (found on ebay)
- Teensy 2.0 USB dev board (for the controller)
- USB Mobile Powerbank (cheap on ebay)
- Music Angel speaker (only used the circuitboard as an amplifier for the laptop speakers.
- Wood frame (dont have a 3D printer yet)
- Tactile buttons and joystick found on ebay
- Cables, gluegun, carbonfiber foil, sheet metal,power switch, volum slider, laptop speakers
  plexiglass, stickers. 

Love the size of this computer.

This is the controller i made, Teensy board in the middle, Joystick to the left and some buttons on the left the programmed with Teensyduino. More buttons was added for Start, select, exit and one extra optional button for later use. With the exit button i can exit a game and select a new one without restarting the VangPad.

schematic for the joystick and buttons connected to the Teensy 2.0

The LCD screen fits directly into the Raspberry Pi without any driver since it uses HDMI with the included adapter and takes power from the GPIO pinout.
Since its using power directly from the GPIO it requires 2A powersource, but has an extra Microusb powersource if you want to use that.

Powerbank with 2 USB Chargers (1A and 2A source), one for the Music Angel curcuitboard and one for the Raspberry Pi with screen.
gives the VangPad about 3-5 hours of mobile gaming

Since i dont have 3D printer i made a frame from MDF Wood

Covered the edges with sheet metal. All glued together with hot glue

Controller inserted. 

Im not good with soldering and fitting cables, but at least it works :)

Final Fight bootet up and working perfect with controller and sound :D

Front cover mounted.

Stickers added, and buttons have names. 
In the future i will make a 3D printed case for this to minimize the size for it.

Later i will add extra headphone jackplug, external HDMI and external USB connection. That way i can hook the VangPad to a TV and use it as a gaming console in my livingroom and use a PS3 controller.

Here is a video demonstration of it, sorry for the bad quility.


Made some new changes to this project:

3d printed a case to make it smaller:




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