Absolut Computer

Wanted to make a big Absolut Vodka bottle to be used as a desktop computer.

Parts used:

  • PVC Pipes (one big and one small)
  • Carbon foil
  • IKEA Kitchen Lamp
  • Sheet metal
  • MDF Wood (for cover over PSU
  • Plexi glass for a windows
  • DVD Spindel box (bottle cap)

This project was made by hand, no electric tools was used, all parts cutted with metal scissors, and all was hand sawed with a Leatherman supertool.
Why ? to prove that you dont need fancy equipment to make a casemod, everyone can do it with some creativity.


Bottle cap made from a DVD - Spindel Box. Motherboard plate from an old cabinet.


PVC Pipe hand sawed to the right size, cuttet holde for the motherboard plate.

Small PVC pipe for bottlenec, Kitchenlamp for the top of the bottle

PSU mounting bracket, made out of sheetmetal, cutted with metal scissors

PSU Inserted.

PSU Cover, with holes for the cables, also the floor inside the bottle

PSU in the bottom

Top of the bottle

Back of the case



Front view

Added stickers, printed on transperent adhensive sheets (from ebay)

Plexiglass with 120mm fan


Made a custom 3D printed fangrill.

This is the finnished product. The hardware i used is 4-5 years old, so i need a sponsor for new hardware.
can you help me ? need Intel i7 CPU, DDR4 Memory, Motherboard that supports DDR4.

Have SSD drives and Nvidia GTX 770 displaydapter, so dont need that, but need also a PSU
hopefully a 700watt or more.




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