Started to make some models from paper. to find the right ice to fit the computer parts in his head.

When i found the right sizes for the head i made a frame out of aluminium

Then som fiberglass for the "eggformed" head.

Drawed some eyes, nose and a mouth to find the right spots for it.



was unble to find small baby clothing matching what i wanted, so i hade to make them my self:P

Here we have his body with new shoes and some fingers are ready to be crafted

Made a plattform so stewie can be stable:

Here we have a "stewie Voice decvice". when you press his belly he says things:

"Who in the :) do you think you are?"
"Stop mocking me!"
"Damn, you vile woman!"
"I come bearing a gift. I'll give you a hint: it's in my diaper and it's not a toaster!"
"You shall rue this day! Be gone! Start rue-ing!"
"Put me through to the Pentagon!"

I also made some toy bricks for him.

Here we have the hardware:

- VIA EPIA-NL 10000G Nano-ITX
- Pico Power 120 Watt PSU
- 2,5" SATA
- 1 Creative-Speaker



All hardware is mounted in his head.

Here we have him at his first lan with a red bull


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