Bastion Casemod (Overwatch)

Starting on my new project, this time i will build Bastion from the computer game Overwatch.
This will be fully 3D printed with my new Makerbot replicator 5th gen printer that i was so lucky to win in a Casemod contest at The Gathering 2016 with my Absolut Computer casemod.

Special thanks to Michele Natan Garzia for the 3D files for this project :)


3D Printer
This project will be printed with a Makerbot replicator 5th Gen printer.
- 0.2 layer hight
- 30% infill
- Supports
- Raft
Printed with PLA 1,75mm from

Sponsors - Nettbutikk

3DNet Norge - 3D-printer, Filament og Tilbehør

Sutech AS -
Din kontor- og dataleverandør. Når kvalitet teller.



This case will be about 70cm high and printed in 259 parts, some parts will be combined together with printing, rest will be glued together.
After all parts are printed i will use sandpaper,sprayfiller and paint to get a smooth surface and the correct color on the model.
The computer i will use for this project is a ASRock Beebox-s barebone sponsored from

Here are some parts that are done printing with filament from 3dnet Norge

This project will take some time. Some of the biggest parts will take about 25-30 hours to print, the smaller parts will only take 1-3 hours of printing.


My 3D printer in action


Just bought MODIFI3D tool from . It's perfect for removing supports.
Yesterday i tried to use it for platsic welding, to stick parts together.
I just used some 1.75MM PLA, angled the parts in the correct position and melted the PLA with this tool on the edges. After the PLA was cooled down the parts stick together like it was printed together, works much better than glue :)



Done printing his head and mounted light in the front. This will be the computer power on LED.




Bastion gun and turret done printing. ready for sprayfiller, sanding and then primer and be painted in gunmetall black


One of his legs are now plastic welded together, and sprayed with sprayfiller ready for sanding. First with 240 sandpaper, then 400 and finally with 600 grit sandpaper,

His other leg will be done printing this weekend.

Here is a little update with pictures :)

One of his legs are now sanded and sprayed with primer. Ready for painting :D

I will paint all the parts with these colors:

 Here we have 90% of the parts. Some painted, some sanded. Missing one leg in the picture, the primer needs to dry before painting details.


09.11 2016
Got some paint and painted his first leg :) i must admit that im not a very good painter, but i'm
happy with the result. Think i will paint another layer to fill some small gaps etc..

 14.11 2016
Some progress on his body and head. This is there the computer will be mounted.

This is the motherboard that was mounted inside the ASrock Beebox-S 6200U sponsored from Multicom

Today the M.2 SSD and DDR4 arrived from Sutech AS :)
- Intel® SSD 600p Series 256GB PCIe M.2
- HyperX Impact DDR4 2133MHz 8GB SODIMM

will install windows 10 later today and also install overwatch on this computer and give it a test :)

started to paint his torso, still some details here and there missing, but its starting to take shape :)


Today i painted his machinegun :)

Have done alot of work now. Painted his other leg, added 12v power in his head for the blue light in his eye, Printed his bird (Ganymede),monted his torso to his legs etc.

Will start working on his hands now. Have also ordered a soundmodule so he can speak.



A part of the turrect is done.

Also painted one of his hands :) hopefully his other hand with machinegun will be done tomorrow and mounted to his body.

His arm is now attached, still missing his shoulder. Hopefully his machinegun arm will be done tonight.
Sponsorlogo's will be added today.

Have now ordered a small micro servo and a controllerboard so he can move his head, It was ordered on ebay from hong kong, so i guess it will take 2-3 weeks before it arrives.
His machinegun hand is also done, and so is the little yellow bird :) Sponsor stickers is also added

Sound module arrived in mail yesterday. Have now updated the module with mp3 files, so every 15 minutes he plays some random soundfx :)
Have to wait before i can mount his turret. still waiting for the Teensy 2.0+ board to arrive in the mail. The Teensy board will control the servo for his head so this board will be inserted in the turret.
My plan is to move his head automatically every 10minutes so he looks more alive.

Here is a picture of the displaystand im working on:

The plan is to make a glowing overwatch logo in the bottom and put a 7" LCD with sponsors on top. also have some leds for glow everything up.
This will be done next year, its christmas soon so i will take a break now.


Servo arrives in the mail :)
This small servo will be used to move his head

i manged go get a Arduno board for controlling this servo. so now his head is moving :)

his head is now moving every 1 minutes, but i will change this to every 5 minutes.

Added a glowing overwatch logo on the displaystand (still need some work before done)

Added a Raspberry Pi with 7" LCD on top to show sponsors

Will add a small frame around the screen later

Just some details left to make things perfect and also add LED's in the roof to light up bastion.
Will try to add the turret later this week.

Bastion is now powered on with a remote :)

Played overwatch for the first time on Bastion today, its working very well :)

Have also added light in the front of his torso :)


Turret added. The red,orange and black cable is for the servo in his head, this will be hidden when the new controller board (Arduino Nano) arrives in the mail.

Added a coolermaster fan for better air flow. will drill some small holes under the fan after i have mounted a temperature sensor.

Good news everyone!!
Bastion is now finished.
Arduino Nano arrived in the mail.

Added Arduino, MusicAngel and Mp3 module for speech and head movement.
(does not look so good, but its working :P)

3W Speaker for Bastion Sound Effects.

Here is some pictures of bastion posing in his displaystand:


Will update with pictures when Bastion arrives at The Gathering 2017





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